Highchair Bib

Hey readers,

A blog post is long overdue! And I have an exciting blog post today!

Are you constantly scrubbing your floors after your toddler or baby eats? Does it feel like it’s never ending? (Please say I’m not the only one!) With three kids, food is whipped everywhere at every single meal in my house. Babies don’t want to eat! They  want to throw the food all around! I’ve tried highchair mats, and it doesn’t work. Then one day, I was browsing through my FB newsfeed during a nursing session with Henry and I saw a giveaway from Highchair Bib. I checked out their page and discovered the Highchair Bib…and it totally works.  I tried it out and I love the results. (I have pictures further below.)

To use the Highchair bib was pretty simple. You take it out of the handy portable bag…I loved this. You can carry it anywhere. For me, it would be grandparents house. I used to constantly feel bad as my littlest whipped food from his Highchair. But now, I just pack up our Highchair bib and I have less worries! Easy clean up…After taking it out of the bag, you simply slide it over your Highchair so that its passed the seat and low enough to the ground to catch the food. Next, you go into the back of the Highchair, where there will be a string to tie. You tighten the string as needed so that the Highchair bib will stay in place. This even works on skinny, foldable high chairs. Actually, that’s why I used in my pictures below. Once your child is done eating, you simply untie and remove the bib carefully. For me, my dining area has sliding doors, so I just take it right outside and shake it out. If we have spaghetti or anything else saucy, I give it quick wipe and I throw it back in our handy, portable bag. My ONLY con to the Highchair bib would be that it folds back down in the frisbee shape (so that its compact) Not that it doesn’t work, it does. But I am the worst person at figuring those things out. My daughters even have a princess tent upstairs that I just rubberband because I can’t figure out how to fold the thing! But for the Highchair bib, although it folds in the twists, it was EXTREMELY easier than my kids tent or other things we have had that fold in that compact position.

So in a nutshell, the Highchair bib was more efficient than a Highchair mat, putting it on and removing it were simple, and it held food like it should! While I suck at folding compact items, the portable bag and compact size are also another feature I love. Take it to grandma’s, a family party, or even restaurant maybe!

Go get yourself one right now!  And the time to get one is now because they are on sale on their website right now until the end of the weekend for only $9.95! (Originally 29.95) I should add they are super quick on shipping too. Mine was delivered quick. You can grab this offer on their Facebook page, simply click the button “Get offer”…their FB page is also where you can like their page if you’d like. (It’d be very appreciated!) This offer is good for today! So hurry! They also are sold on Amazon at 29.95.





There is no such thing as Supermom.

Hey readers!

So I’ve been slacking in the writing department huh? I’ve gone soft and my bedtime has gotten earlier these last few weeks! (Okay, and maybe I’ve been sipping wine and watching TheBabyGuyNYC on FB live. He is amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his reviews and his outlook. Check his FB page out if you haven’t heard of him!) Tonight, I made myself PROMISE myself that I would stop cleaning and take a moment to blog. When I decided that, I also decided that I would write about exactly that…cleaning, and all the other parent duties we have. Three kids and staying at home has taught me so much. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that I can’t be super woman aka super mom. There is no such thing as the perfect parent. I don’t care what you say, we all have our faults. With that being said, I wish I could’ve snapped a pic of my current family room. Seriously, it’s an epic disaster…or my bedroom closet…or my front room. Seriously, it’s like three little tornado swooped in and left Kansas a mess. No way could I have people over. If I did, I would have to whip everything in laundry baskets and shut my bedroom door…sound a little like you? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s the thing, don’t beat yourself up over it. Raising kids, taking care of a household, and working are A LOT of things to do in one day. So you forgot to put a load of laundry in, but you did the dishes. Three kids and staying at home has taught me that I can’t be so hard on myself and I have to look at the positive. So I didn’t get half of my list done, but I got the other half of my list done. (Or Sort of…until that is my almost one year old swoops in and unfolds the laundry I just folded…) Life happens. Don’t worry about the small stuff…focus on making wonderful memories with your family and don’t OVER load your plate!

Night mommas, and dadas!



Life of a mom.

Today was hectic. I’m oober tired and I’m honestly surprised I’m still up! I woke up and successfully dressed myself and all three children. My husband was coming off night shift so he was able to drop Layla off at school for me.  Then he came home, and I got to take a 15 minute shower. Seriously, I was clean within 5 of those minutes since I’m use to speed shower mode with my littles, but I was so thrilled to just stand there in the quiet. I couldn’t believe that some people actually get to take showers that long. It was wonderful! Then, of course, Gavin had to sleep or he’d turn into a vicious zombie, so I took the kids to the library and grocery store. Yes, the grocery store. What was I thinking?! I wore Henry in the Beco and Grace held my hand because as soon as I got out of the van, got both kids, and made it to the shopping cart center, I realized I didn’t have a quarter and no one near me did either! So it was either I sat there in the rain with two kids for someone with a quarter or I sucked it up and went in and limited my purchases and carried it all in a box. So, I carried it all in a box. Well that was dumb! What was I thinking?! But don’t worry we survived! Anyways, I guess this is just a rant post. Have you ever had just an exhausting day and all you want to do is lay in bed and indulge in TV and food? Please share with us!

When your child has an allergy

Hey readers! My hubby took the girls to the store and little Hank is sleeping after nursed on the boob! Sooooo, that means blog post time! Whoo hoo! I’m so excited I actually got to pee by myself, now I get to write a blog post, and I totally stole a hershey bar out of the cabinet that I will inhale with no kids to try and steal it! While on the subject of food, I don’t know if I ever mentioned on here, that my wittle Hank has a food allergy. He is allergic to peanuts. Anddddd, to be blunt, it sucks. Since I’m nursing, I can’t have peanuts either. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. But I sucked it up, and took one for the babes. No peanuts for me. When Henry has a reaction, he breaks out in severe eczema all over his body, he starts to throw up everywhere, and he fusses like no other. I first discovered this allergy putting all the signs together with a food journal. When he was first born, I assumed it was acid reflux…and the eczema just a baby rash. But once I noticed how bad it started to get, the food tracking revealed peanuts as the culprit. Before our current pediatrician, our prior one I think may have thought I was crazy and said you can’t have a peanut allergy through breastmilk?! After that MOM GUT feeling, I did some research and asked my lactation consultant which said that is false. Once we switched peds, I was once again reassured that YES, it is very possible to have a baby allergic to peanuts which can be transferred through breastmilk.

Anyways, long story short, here we are…almost a year old and in September he gets the big allergy test to see if he has outgrown it or not. I feel so bad for him. AND, I truly believe that people don’t understand the struggles parents and children face with allergies. I’m not going to lie, I always sign up to be room mom in Layla’s classroom. In Kindergarten, (It was my first year as room mom obviously), I got super frustrated that every time I sent out an email about classroom party snacks, I always got responses like PLEASE NO PEANUTS! And I was like why are they yelling at me?! It’s not my fault. Well…once I had Henry and the journey we have experienced so far…I get it. It’s TERRIFYING as a parent. Henry’s reaction seems to  be better than a lot of stories other parents have told me about their children’s reactions, so I can’t imagine if he was so allergic he can’t even be near them. It sucks. And I want to write this to give a little idea of how the day in the life of a parent with a kid who has allergies goes:

You go to a birthday party…everyone is like Let’s give Henry cake…and I’m like NOOOOOOO! Why? Believe it or not, most store made cakes are used on shared equipment with nuts. Or have the possibility of having nuts getting on the cake. On his first birthday, I will be making his cake. That just adds one more TO DO for birthday party lists.

Grocery Shopping. Ah man, I used to LOVE shopping for food. I just love food. However, since the allergy discovery, I check packages on everything. You’d be surprised to know how many things say “may contain peanuts.”

I have two other kids. They both love peanuts. Well, peanut butter. If they want peanut butter, or anything with peanuts in it, I MUST watch them like a hawk. Grace loves to share with Henry, and she’ll unknowingly to try feed him peanut butter crackers. Now, yes I could say they couldn’t have peanut butter. But that’s not too fair. If he had a worsened allergy, then we would eliminate it.

Layla’s school has a peanut table. All the kids with peanut allergies sit at that specific table. That stinks. Could you imagine being a kid who can’t sit with their friends because they can’t be near peanuts? Or another allergy?

All I am asking is that the next time you see a mom freaking out or venting about an allergy, don’t judge her. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Why am I still awake?

I constantly find myself saying, why am I still awake? Everyone else in my house is snoring, even the dog, and I’m awake. I think I figured it out. Being a stay at home mom, I find myself with little adult interaction and a lot of diaper changing, feeding, nursing, playing, dressing up, attending to children’s every needs, so to be able to sit here and blog, or lay in bed and watch my recorded fav tv shows is like a visit to the hot tub or a tall glass of wine. So what do I do? I fight my sleep to eat chips without having to share or m&ms that I told my kids they couldn’t have, but couldn’t eat in front of them. Oh the mom life!

How about you mommas? What is your indulgence? Do you stay up late? Or are you an early bird who gets up way earlier than the kids to relax?

Happy World Breastfeeding Week.

It’s already almost the end of World Breastfeeding week, and there’s no way I could go without a blog this week. Breastfeeding is so very dear to my heart, and so blogging about this week is a must! Let me first start off with saying, whatever your choice is: breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding, you are a great mom! Your choice in these do not change what a great mom you are. There shouldn’t be a comparison between the three. One way works best for you, and that’s okay. The point of World Breastfeeding week is simply to spread awareness of breastfeeding and how natural it is as well as what resources are available to you to help you learn about breastfeeding.

I will say its pretty awesome that as I’m writing this blog I’m nursing my 10 month old.  I just had to let everyone know because I think it’s great!

Anyways, back to where I was…many people have questions about breastfeeding. Below are a few examples of some questions I often receive.

Why don’t you feed your baby in the bathroom? 

This question is probably often given to most breastfeeding moms, and you will probably get the same response from any of us. My response would be: Do you eat in the bathroom? The amount of germs in a bathroom alone just makes me cringe. In fact, I barely use a public restroom to pee let alone go sit in there with my child to feed.

Why don’t you use a cover up in public?

This is a huge controversial question. I think when you don’t breastfeed, you don’t actually know how hard it is to get the baby to want to eat under a blanket. I get how the baby feels, I mean I wouldn’t want to eat under a blanket. Talk about limited air supply and getting extremely sweating and uncomfortable in the summer time! But that’s just it, think about it. You’re asking me to limit my baby’s air supply by putting a blanket over their head to please you?! That’s just crazy talk! Plus, most of the time, it is pretty easy to wear a tank and then a shirt over the tank, that way when you go to nurse, you barely see any boob action.

Why do women just whip the boob out in public?

I don’t whip out the boob. I’m not comfortable enough. I will nurse in a carrier and such though. But I think if I were to be asked this question, I would respond that they are just so sick of being stereotyped and degraded when they are doing what is best for their baby. Breastfeeding is a NATURAL thing. Our body produces milk for a reason. Breastfeeding is that reason, and it can get frustrating when so many people have given you dirty stares or said things to make you uncomfortable when on the other end of society, people are showing off boobs on billboards for sex appeal. It’s half butt backwards!

When you feed in public, don’t children see? How would a parent explain that?

I have been asked this question before, and it made me sad. I’m not going to lie. The person that asked me this doesn’t have kids to give them credit. But here’s my response. Breastfeeding is natural. Has your child seen a newborn calf nurse? Or kittens or puppies that your family pet had? Your car drives by the billboard everyday of someone’s boobs, or the dolls your daughter plays with have the biggest boobs ever (seriously, can’t barbie have smaller boobs?) and your asking how would you explain breastfeeding? This is how I explained breastfeeding to my children: God gave women breasts to feed our children. They are like bottles. Sometimes babies don’t use a bottle, but drink from their mommies.

I think that all these questions are good questions for people who don’t know much about breastfeeding, but they can also be questions that are hurtful in some way to breastfeeding moms. I hope by sharing my answers, it helps give you an idea what is going inside of our head. We advocate for breastfeeding because we are passionate about making sure we are comfortable and treated with respect for doing what we feel is best for our children. Change doesn’t occur without passion, or advocacy. 

Do you have a question? Or an experience to share? Also, please feel free to click the lower link in the right hand corner to follow my blog on wordpress, and above that, you can hit like, to follow us on FB! Thank you for your support! Happy weekend!

Your mommy blogger,


Happy Two Years to My Grace.

Whew! Okay, talk about delayed blogging. I guess that’s what happens when your computer acts all crazy, and your kids are on summer break. I have so much that I want to cover that I don’t even know where to begin! Ha! I guess we can start with Happy Father’s day to all my dads out there. Workin’ dads, Stay at home dads, all of you dads! We appreciate you! I know I appreciate my dad and stepdad incredibly! Shout out to my hubs for being superdad. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do with out you. Maybe lose my mind more than I usually do?

Today was a super big day in this household. Layla had her fourth dance recital. My beautiful ballerina! Anddddddd…Our big personality, tiny Gracie turned TWO! Oh my! Where did two years go? Seriously, I can’t believe it. She has blessed us. She’s my cuddlebug who is sassy and isn’t afraid to show it! She’s also super lovable and loves to dance, sing and give Brutus (our cray cray dog) hugs! She’s got such a gentle soul. I love her dearly, and it makes me teary eyed to know she is officially two. What a great day we all had though. Thank you to all our friends and amazing family who came to support Layla today at her recital and celebrate Gracie’s big two year old bash! We love you all!

You truly don’t realize how fast time goes until you watch your kids grow. It’s such a blessing to have such incredible moments.