When your child has an allergy

Hey readers! My hubby took the girls to the store and little Hank is sleeping after nursed on the boob! Sooooo, that means blog post time! Whoo hoo! I’m so excited I actually got to pee by myself, now I get to write a blog post, and I totally stole a hershey bar out of the cabinet that I will inhale with no kids to try and steal it! While on the subject of food, I don’t know if I ever mentioned on here, that my wittle Hank has a food allergy. He is allergic to peanuts. Anddddd, to be blunt, it sucks. Since I’m nursing, I can’t have peanuts either. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. But I sucked it up, and took one for the babes. No peanuts for me. When Henry has a reaction, he breaks out in severe eczema all over his body, he starts to throw up everywhere, and he fusses like no other. I first discovered this allergy putting all the signs together with a food journal. When he was first born, I assumed it was acid reflux…and the eczema just a baby rash. But once I noticed how bad it started to get, the food tracking revealed peanuts as the culprit. Before our current pediatrician, our prior one I think may have thought I was crazy and said you can’t have a peanut allergy through breastmilk?! After that MOM GUT feeling, I did some research and asked my lactation consultant which said that is false. Once we switched peds, I was once again reassured that YES, it is very possible to have a baby allergic to peanuts which can be transferred through breastmilk.

Anyways, long story short, here we are…almost a year old and in September he gets the big allergy test to see if he has outgrown it or not. I feel so bad for him. AND, I truly believe that people don’t understand the struggles parents and children face with allergies. I’m not going to lie, I always sign up to be room mom in Layla’s classroom. In Kindergarten, (It was my first year as room mom obviously), I got super frustrated that every time I sent out an email about classroom party snacks, I always got responses like PLEASE NO PEANUTS! And I was like why are they yelling at me?! It’s not my fault. Well…once I had Henry and the journey we have experienced so far…I get it. It’s TERRIFYING as a parent. Henry’s reaction seems to  be better than a lot of stories other parents have told me about their children’s reactions, so I can’t imagine if he was so allergic he can’t even be near them. It sucks. And I want to write this to give a little idea of how the day in the life of a parent with a kid who has allergies goes:

You go to a birthday party…everyone is like Let’s give Henry cake…and I’m like NOOOOOOO! Why? Believe it or not, most store made cakes are used on shared equipment with nuts. Or have the possibility of having nuts getting on the cake. On his first birthday, I will be making his cake. That just adds one more TO DO for birthday party lists.

Grocery Shopping. Ah man, I used to LOVE shopping for food. I just love food. However, since the allergy discovery, I check packages on everything. You’d be surprised to know how many things say “may contain peanuts.”

I have two other kids. They both love peanuts. Well, peanut butter. If they want peanut butter, or anything with peanuts in it, I MUST watch them like a hawk. Grace loves to share with Henry, and she’ll unknowingly to try feed him peanut butter crackers. Now, yes I could say they couldn’t have peanut butter. But that’s not too fair. If he had a worsened allergy, then we would eliminate it.

Layla’s school has a peanut table. All the kids with peanut allergies sit at that specific table. That stinks. Could you imagine being a kid who can’t sit with their friends because they can’t be near peanuts? Or another allergy?

All I am asking is that the next time you see a mom freaking out or venting about an allergy, don’t judge her. It’s not as easy as it looks!


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