I guess I like to be fashionably late.

If you read the title of this blog post, you should get that I am often running behind. Well, I suppose A LOT behind. I was suppose to create a blog post the night before Easter, but this bunny over here fell asleep super early. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been zonking out immediately after my kiddos go to bed. Nap time you say? Well, believe it or not, nap time is pretty much nonexistent in this household any more. With that being said, I apologize for being MIA, but there is a lot on my agenda to share with you, my wonderful, super amazing readers. (I have to suck up a little bit.) First, I want to share that I recently started keeping a mom journal. I came across one on clearance at my fav store, Target:) In this mom journal, one day you can write about a special moment you’d like to remember, something you wish for your children, something you learned about parenting, etc. I think this is a super neat idea. A few reasons why:

One. It’s nice to let it out. Sometimes your hubs just don’t get it from the dads point of view. Being able to share your momma point of view without any back talk is amazing. Not saying I don’t love my hubs thoughts and such, but it’s nice to get sappy without the you’re so emotional remarks.

Two. You can pass it down to your children. Once they are older, you can give this journal to your children, or hey, hang onto it and share it with them when they visit. Heck, you could even pass it onto them when they have their own babies.

Three. Time goes by so fast. Literally. I know we all say time goes by so fast, but I’m serious. Sometimes I can’t get my camera out fast enough. Sometimes my camera battery dies, or sometimes my phone is completely backed up and won’t take a picture because that’s what technology gets you. Ugh…that drives me nuts! But while it’s fresh in my mind, I take the time to write it in my little momma journal so that no matter if I didn’t have my camera, I have it written down and in my heart to hold.

Four. This one goes back to letting it out. Since I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression, my doctor told me to go exercise, get out, be me…yada yada. Yeah it has helped, but I tell you what, this has definitely been a relaxation method. I totally relax when I write in my momma journal. I sip on some sleepytime tea, throw on some lavender oil and write until I don’t feel like writing anymore. Takes all my anxiety and worry away, which believe me…I’m a big fat worry wart. (Aren’t we all as mommas though?)

So if you don’t have one, I highly recommend going to the store, picking up a journal. It doesn’t have to be an actual mother journal. You can just simply buy a plain jane journal. I got mine on clearance, that’s why I chose to go the fancy route, or I would’ve gotten a plain one and started that way. I like this idea much much better than the email idea I have seen. I think people forget a lot of time, some email programs automatically trash after two years or so. I know this because I’m one of those “I’m too lazy to hit the delete button” email users and then I’ll go back and notice two years ago emails were deleted.

Now that I have been MIA for so long, I decided to give y’all a line up of my future blog post this week to keep me on task:



The Madhatter


So news, every week, I am going to feature at least one WAHM that I have came across and used their products. Being a momma myself, I want to promote the small businesses and give you the scoop.

I want to start this week off with Cheeky Pandas. Where are all my cloth diapering, or nursing mamas at? You’ll want to read about this amazing WAHM if you are. Owned by Melissa Poole, Cheeky Pandas sells amazing hybrid fitteds, nursing pads, and even maxaloones. (We all know I love maxaloones:)) So far, I have purchased two cheeky panda dipes from Melissa, and three sets of nursing pads.

Let me start off by saying, that Gracie is my heavywetter. Henry not so much. With Grace, I’ve tried diaper after diaper, and our Cheekys our amazing. Normally a diaper would last maybe 2 hours. With a Cheeky, we can get a good 4 hours. I was shocked the first time I put it on her. I was amazed. With Henry, I also love the Cheekys because although he’s my chunky butt, he’s super skinny in the thighs, so he usually has some leg room by the elastics. The Cheekys are well tailored. The fit him perfect, as well as Grace who is more chunky in the thighs. These hybrids last longer because Melissa uses windpro fleece and five layers of hemp fleece, plus you get a 3 layer hemp booster! 8 layers of hemp! Whhatttt! I love it. So lots of positives right? I honestly don’t have any negatives to say about my Cheeky Panda dipes. The only downfall I could throw out is that they are hot items. You have to pounce on them because everyone wants one. Trust me, I’d have more than two if I could get my hands on more. I guess though in a way, it is like a thrill when you get one! Price range varies on diapers. Most are between 32-35 bucks, and totally a great investment.

Now nursing pads… hands down, Cheeky nursing pads are my absolute favorite. Better than any disposable, or reusable pad EVER. No joke. My supply is pretty amazing. So when I’m away from little Henry, I’m always worried I’ll leak through my shirt, or even worse, my nursing pads will stick to my boobs. Ow, yeah I hate that. Not with Cheeky Panda nursing pads though. The nursing pads are backed with windpro, and feature amazing fabrics on front. Although I only own three pairs at this time, I will definitely trying to get my hands on more. These vary in price, I think I paid $3 a pair for mine plus shipping. Which is a great deal especially when you can reuse them:)

If you’re interested in checking out Cheeky Pandas, you can head on over to the Facebook Buy Sell Trade Page, where you can find mini groups posted, more info, and awesome mommas. Note, you have to request to join.


Cheeky Pandas also has a hyenacart page, but only uses it for stockings, which any stocking info would be found on the fb group.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to hop back on here to blog some more. I got some mom stories, and more featured products.

How motherhood changed me.

Hey everyone!

I’m drafting up the maxaloones blog, so it will be available next post. I know I totally slacked, but I actually had two sick kids and I started working part time again…I know, it’s crazy. So instead of maxaloones, I’ll be talking about how motherhood changed me. For the good of course.

A few days ago, I was walking in the store, when a woman approached me. She asked me if all three of my kids were my kids. I replied, “Yes.” With a nice smile, I kept walking, and she replied, “They’re cute.” Now I’d like to think she meant that, which I do believe she did. However, I know she didn’t ask if they were all mine because she thought they were cute. She asked me because I look super young. Naturally, I am twenty four years old with three kids, so yes, I’m young…BUT age does not define the quality of motherhood.

As I got into my car, I started to think. I wasn’t offended because I have dealt with the looks for many years… almost eight to be exact, since I had my oldest at 16. But I did decide that too many people stereotype mothers by age, looks, etc…So why not share how motherhood can truly mold a woman’s values, morals, and personality traits? People always say that motherhood can be life altering, but how so? Here’s how motherhood changed me…

I don’t even quite think you can say that it changed me. I was young, so young, that I really didn’t know what I valued yet. I mean I was dumb enough to have unprotected sex, so that gives you an idea of how much I thought about values. I was fifteen when I got pregnant, and only sixteen when I delivered my Layla. I had no idea what I was in for. I never really even babysat a kid before that. I never once thought in my mind that by choosing to have unprotected sex, I was allowing the possibility of having a child with someone, someone who I would have to communicate with for the rest of my life about our child. But then I held my Layla in my arms, and I knew that I would strive to be the best possible mother. I would be her protector, her comfort, her best friend, her shoulder, her guide, and what I didn’t realize right at that moment, but I have learned is that she would also be mine along with Grace and Henry.

After having Layla, I felt like I instantly grew up. I didn’t, but I made big strides in my values and morals especially with an enormous amount of responsibility. Her father, wasn’t helpful…honestly, still isn’t. If you would have asked me three years ago if this bothered me, I would have said yes. But while my children grow, I grow…and I grow to learn that holding a grudge is letting a person win…forgiving but never forgetting frees your soul. My family was my help. My mother was my role model, and I like to think I followed well. After a few years, I had my two other children with my amazing hubs. He’s my rock, always putting up with me, and me always putting up with him. You remember my fourth kid in my prior posts right:) Yeahhhh I’ll be in trouble for that comment…

So here’s a list of just a few things of how motherhood changed me:

1. I learned the true meaning of patience. Everyone has some, but not like a mother needs. Patience has helped me get on the same level with my children. How they see it. That’s so important because they are like little seeds. They just started to sprout, but have not grown, so to expect them to know why they must clean rooms or use nice words is something they have to learn. Learning takes time.

2. Priorities change. Before I had kids, I had dreams of top ranked colleges and an editors job in New York City. I hate that people say you lose those dreams. You don’t, you just change your dreams. My dreams now? Being a great mother and wife, and taking the time I need for myself.

3. Number two brings me to number three…Make time for yourself. And I don’t mean go to a movie. I mean think about what hobby actually makes you enjoy your time. I personally love to crochet, read, blog, sew…those are just a few. These things are things I can do when the kiddos go to bed and I truly get in touch with myself.

4. Throw your judging out the door. The more time you spend judging others, the less time you have helping your children blossom, along with yourself. Plus, you’re a role model now. What you did, your kids do.

5. Your husband needs your time too. Your SO needs quality time with you too. Whether its two hours before work, or two hours after the kids go to bed, take the time out of your day to say Hey how was your day. It’s so important to communicate and show that you care. Three kids all day by myself is chaos, but when my hubs walks in the door, taking a second to ask how he is, is HUGE, its meaningful to him and meaningful to me. He knows I do all I can even if half the house is a tornado.

6. Cherish your moments. Babies grow. They grow so fast. And loved ones age. Time doesn’t stand still, so make those moments last.

Okay, so here’s just some of the things that I learned. I’ll go ahead and share some more tomorrow, but I’d love if you all could share how motherhood has made an impact in your life. What have you learned?

Pick a hobby and stick with it.

Hey all!

SOOOO, I know I’ve been totally hibernating. Between painful kidneys and three children, I’m exhausted. I need to boost my iron with some broccoli and spinach and some kale. I haven’t been buying as much lately and my body can totally tell.

If you are following on my facebook page, you may have seen that I asked you all what you would like to see our blog talk about. Please feel free to leave some feedback on the blog or the blog fb page. If you are not a follower, in the right corner of the blog, you should see a facebook link with a like button. All you have to do is click that button, and VIOLA!

So tonight, I decided to write about hobbies. So many times, more than often, us mommas or even dads are so focused on our children, we often forget about ourselves. We are beings, thus, we also need to enjoy the world and have fun. No, no, no I don’t mean boozing it up. When I became a stay at home mom, I quickly learned that I needed to do something for me. Something that took away stress and boosted my confidence. So my hobby became crocheting, then blogging, the cloth diapering, then babywearing, then sewing. So one hobby turned into five. Totally crazy right? But I love it! Taking that extra hour out of your day before bedtime or before you wake the kiddos, can be totally relaxing and rejuvenating. How can cloth diapering be a hobby? Um, I’m OBSESSED with WAHM diapers. Don’t tell my husband that I buy so many hahaha just kidding he knows. Some of my favs are Cheeky Pandas, Doodle Dypes, Little Fancy Pants, and Little Boppers. If you are new to cd, and want to find some awesome diapers, I suggest checking out hyenacart! It is an amazing site that work at home moms use.

Share with us, what is your hobby? What is something that helps you collect your thoughts and enjoy some time to yourself?

Next blog: Maxaloones. What are they? Why are the so amazing? and Where can you buy them?!

New Year’s Resolution

Everyone has a new years resolution. I mean everyone. I didn’t say that everyone takes it seriously, but people have some thought in their head how they are going to better their year from the last. For all you nay sayers shaking your head right now, stop lying! I am one of you, therefore, I know you’re lying! Mine this year happens to be a few things. First, a better communicator. Yeah I totally suck at communication. I’m a total loner. I don’t mind being by myself. For example, if I get a babysitter, I don’t go out. I sit at home or I clean, or I shop because every woman loves to shop. And yes I have friends, I just don’t know why I’m such a lazy loner lady. Plus, I hate makeup and yes, I know hate is a strong word. I hate it. BLAHHHHHH. All my girlfriends want to get dolled up and go out, and I’m like only if we can get chinese and binge eat while watching Once Upon a Time. So I decided this year, I need to stop my loner habits and get my ass into gear. Communicate more with my friends, and my hubby. We need a date night. I mean it’s been like 546874687 years. Yeah, that number is a little off…it is more like 9878785555644 years. Yep, that looks better. And ladies, I know some of you feel my pain on this one. By the time you finally get a babysitter you’re so exhausted you’re like hey lets….drool on the pillow. You’re out cold. Fighting sleep after taking care of three kids all day is like trying to fight Muhammad Ali. Impossibleeeeee win.

So my next resolution is to be more organized/clean…you know whatever you wanna call it. This is a goal of mine every year, and every year I lose this battle. This year I am going to kick its ass. I don’t know about you, but I’m super jelly of those moms’ houses you walk into and they are pin drop clean. Like what in the world?! Do you have some kind of magic that I don’t know about? Always the first question that enters into my mind. Then I think, if you do you should give me some. Now this is the part where I get super realistic. It’s impossible with three kids to be organized. I mean I am semi organized, on my good days anyways, but my kids are tornadoes. One room clean, go to the next, you come back and BAM! It’s Twister. Furthermore, I am totally blanking where I read an amazing article written by another fellow bloggin mama about how important it is to be with your kids rather than cleaning. That mama is so right! If there’s one thing I learned from motherhood above all is that time is so precious. They are only little for so long. One day I’m giving birth, the next day my oldest is in second grade. Time flies, and I don’t want to miss those sweet, sweet moments. SOOOOOO…we will see how well I kick this goal’s butt. Anyways, I got to run. I got lunches to pack and laundry to do. Never ever ever ever endinggggg laundryyyyyy.

Please share your new years resolutions with us!

********Also, for a limited time, WAHMs, free reviews of your products and advertising for this week and next. One blog post. Share this with your friends, neighbors, uncles, aunts, heck whoever you want! You can message me on my In the Eyes of a Mom FB page linked to my blog site. *********

Moms Unite

Okay, so it’s been a while since I blogged. Again, slacking…or more like my kid threw up two days ago, and then the last two days I’ve been slacking…or catching up laundry. Plus, holidays are crazy right?

So I decided to call this post Moms Unite. Sounds cheesy right? But it’s totally not. I was just thinking the other day how important it is that we support WAHM businesses. What is a WAHM? Work At Home Momma. Why is it important to support these businesses? Well, let’s face it, we are all moms. We all want to contribute to our families, and sometimes mommas do that by working from home by creating amazing things. My newest addiction…WAHM dipes. I’m OBSESSED. Ask my husband. I sneak buying WAHM made Ai2 cloth dipes. Why? Honestly, they have been the most absorbent, well stitched dipes I have gotten so far. Okay, so they can be pretty pricey, but they definitely hold up. Can’t afford them? It’s okay, I buy most of mine used. Just strip, bleach, wash and viola! Like new…..

Etsy is a wonderful source for finding WAHM businesses as well as hyenacart. So with that being said, I decided to start featuring cool momma businesses that create awesome products for mommas, babies, and families.

Our very first feature is Enzo’s Baby Bowtie Boutique. Melissa, is a stay at home momma, who creates some awesome products which include burp cloths which can be for a boy or girl or even some super cute sports themed ones, cloth tutus, nursing scarves, birthday onesies and even super cute baby wraps. Pricing varies depending on the product. I will say her baby wraps are a steal at $30! To find at  more, click on over to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Enzos-Baby-Bowtie-Boutique/1540261459526176 and start shopping:) Have a question? Comment below, or send Melissa a question on the shop’s FB page!

Wife of a Firefighter/Paramedic

Yes, I know. I have totally slacked off in the blogging department this week. For some reason, it seems like every time I go to sit at the computer at nap time, nap time ends. Sometimes, I’ll say I’ll wait until bedtime, but by the time it’s bedtime I’m slobbering on my pillow. (I know, such a pretty visual.) And while I’m slobbering in a nice slumber, my husband is out working almost every night. I decided to write about the life of being married to a firefighter/paramedic because let’s face it ladies, we all complain and nag our husbands sometimes, but it’s always good to take a step back and look how much they truly do and why you love them oh so much.

So, most of the time, I’m mom and dad. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is super dad. Legit. No joking. He will change blowout diapers, let me sleep in on Sundays, make me coffee without asking,play princesses… I mean I could go on and on. So while I am alone most of the time taking care of the kids, my husband is out making the bacon to pay those bills. Uncle Sam needs his money baby. My husband went into work today at 3am. He got off at 7pm, got home about 730pm if you include his drive. Now, he is on call for his other job…which just got 3 calls one after another. He went to a call, came back, went to another call, came back and now he’s on the third. When they are done with the call, they aren’t done. They have to write a report for each emergency call they went on. Yes, it has to be completely detailed. So that adds another two hours maybe. Mind you, that’s if he doesn’t get another call while he is writing those reports. Crazy right? Oh, and yesterday he worked til 7 too, so actually…I’m over here like I’m married?

Firefighters and Paramedics give a lot of their time to the public. Yes, it’s a commitment they know they are making when they sign up, but I think people often forget how much time they sacrifice with their family, to help yours. All while getting paid a not so pretty penny. But, I tell you what…being married to a fireman has taught me a ton of things about life.

First, it has taught me how important time truly is. Time with your family is delicate. Treasure your time and moments you have because time goes faster than we truly know. I never used to stop and think. I was always on the go constantly trying to get things done, but then I realized laundry will always be there, dishes too, but watching your children grow, or spending time with the hubs is something that is of much greater value.

Second, I have learn where my place with God is. If you are not religious, I am not trying to force anything on you. Honestly, I was never a truly religious person until I got married. When we were married, I realized that marriage is not only a commitment to each other, but also to God. God is there to guide you both, he is there to give you strength when you need it or you need it for your loved one. He can teach you more and more about not only yourself but each other as you move through your marriage. Also, I have reached out to God. God is good, and I know that he watches over my husband as he ventures out on calls and goes hours with little to no sleep. It gives me some peace of mind, although its hard to sleep when you know your hubs is out somewhere saving lives or fighting a fire.

Third, I’ve learned that as tired as I may be, he’s probably ten times more tired. Yes, I will complain and nag about how I chased children all day and changed more diapers than China has rice, but I’ve learned to step back and think about what he did all day. Being puked on, pooped on, seeing horrific things I could never stomach. It makes me appreciate him that much more. So when he’s a Grinch, I totally know not to get worked up.

Fourth, being organized. Listen, it’s pretty damn near impossible to  be organized when you’re married to a medic. People expect you to know if you can fit in an event on a certain. Well guess what? Don’t ask me until the week of. My husband works three jobs. Almost always on call if he even is home. We can’t really plan things in advance because you just never know. We do however, make sure he writes out his schedule on a calendar so that I have some idea of when I will have help with school drop off and pickup and such. But next time you ask one of your lady friends who is married to a public safety man, don’t expect her to give you an answer right away because I guarantee, she probably won’t really know for sure.

So, I guess this post is just a little bit of what it can be like being married to a Paramedic. I just wanted to share because maybe you can also relate. Does your husband work crazy  hours? Does he serve public safety and risk his life? Do you take the time to step back and appreciate him even after your hectic day?