Happy Two Years to My Grace.

Whew! Okay, talk about delayed blogging. I guess that’s what happens when your computer acts all crazy, and your kids are on summer break. I have so much that I want to cover that I don’t even know where to begin! Ha! I guess we can start with Happy Father’s day to all my dads out there. Workin’ dads, Stay at home dads, all of you dads! We appreciate you! I know I appreciate my dad and stepdad incredibly! Shout out to my hubs for being superdad. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do with out you. Maybe lose my mind more than I usually do?

Today was a super big day in this household. Layla had her fourth dance recital. My beautiful ballerina! Anddddddd…Our big personality, tiny Gracie turned TWO! Oh my! Where did two years go? Seriously, I can’t believe it. She has blessed us. She’s my cuddlebug who is sassy and isn’t afraid to show it! She’s also super lovable and loves to dance, sing and give Brutus (our cray cray dog) hugs! She’s got such a gentle soul. I love her dearly, and it makes me teary eyed to know she is officially two. What a great day we all had though. Thank you to all our friends and amazing family who came to support Layla today at her recital and celebrate Gracie’s big two year old bash! We love you all!

You truly don’t realize how fast time goes until you watch your kids grow. It’s such a blessing to have such incredible moments.



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