Highchair Bib

Hey readers,

A blog post is long overdue! And I have an exciting blog post today!

Are you constantly scrubbing your floors after your toddler or baby eats? Does it feel like it’s never ending? (Please say I’m not the only one!) With three kids, food is whipped everywhere at every single meal in my house. Babies don’t want to eat! They  want to throw the food all around! I’ve tried highchair mats, and it doesn’t work. Then one day, I was browsing through my FB newsfeed during a nursing session with Henry and I saw a giveaway from Highchair Bib. I checked out their page and discovered the Highchair Bib…and it totally works.  I tried it out and I love the results. (I have pictures further below.)

To use the Highchair bib was pretty simple. You take it out of the handy portable bag…I loved this. You can carry it anywhere. For me, it would be grandparents house. I used to constantly feel bad as my littlest whipped food from his Highchair. But now, I just pack up our Highchair bib and I have less worries! Easy clean up…After taking it out of the bag, you simply slide it over your Highchair so that its passed the seat and low enough to the ground to catch the food. Next, you go into the back of the Highchair, where there will be a string to tie. You tighten the string as needed so that the Highchair bib will stay in place. This even works on skinny, foldable high chairs. Actually, that’s why I used in my pictures below. Once your child is done eating, you simply untie and remove the bib carefully. For me, my dining area has sliding doors, so I just take it right outside and shake it out. If we have spaghetti or anything else saucy, I give it quick wipe and I throw it back in our handy, portable bag. My ONLY con to the Highchair bib would be that it folds back down in the frisbee shape (so that its compact) Not that it doesn’t work, it does. But I am the worst person at figuring those things out. My daughters even have a princess tent upstairs that I just rubberband because I can’t figure out how to fold the thing! But for the Highchair bib, although it folds in the twists, it was EXTREMELY easier than my kids tent or other things we have had that fold in that compact position.

So in a nutshell, the Highchair bib was more efficient than a Highchair mat, putting it on and removing it were simple, and it held food like it should! While I suck at folding compact items, the portable bag and compact size are also another feature I love. Take it to grandma’s, a family party, or even restaurant maybe!

Go get yourself one right now!  And the time to get one is now because they are on sale on their website right now until the end of the weekend for only $9.95! (Originally 29.95) I should add they are super quick on shipping too. Mine was delivered quick. You can grab this offer on their Facebook page, simply click the button “Get offer”…their FB page is also where you can like their page if you’d like. (It’d be very appreciated!) This offer is good for today! So hurry! They also are sold on Amazon at 29.95.





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