I guess I like to be fashionably late.

If you read the title of this blog post, you should get that I am often running behind. Well, I suppose A LOT behind. I was suppose to create a blog post the night before Easter, but this bunny over here fell asleep super early. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been zonking out immediately after my kiddos go to bed. Nap time you say? Well, believe it or not, nap time is pretty much nonexistent in this household any more. With that being said, I apologize for being MIA, but there is a lot on my agenda to share with you, my wonderful, super amazing readers. (I have to suck up a little bit.) First, I want to share that I recently started keeping a mom journal. I came across one on clearance at my fav store, Target:) In this mom journal, one day you can write about a special moment you’d like to remember, something you wish for your children, something you learned about parenting, etc. I think this is a super neat idea. A few reasons why:

One. It’s nice to let it out. Sometimes your hubs just don’t get it from the dads point of view. Being able to share your momma point of view without any back talk is amazing. Not saying I don’t love my hubs thoughts and such, but it’s nice to get sappy without the you’re so emotional remarks.

Two. You can pass it down to your children. Once they are older, you can give this journal to your children, or hey, hang onto it and share it with them when they visit. Heck, you could even pass it onto them when they have their own babies.

Three. Time goes by so fast. Literally. I know we all say time goes by so fast, but I’m serious. Sometimes I can’t get my camera out fast enough. Sometimes my camera battery dies, or sometimes my phone is completely backed up and won’t take a picture because that’s what technology gets you. Ugh…that drives me nuts! But while it’s fresh in my mind, I take the time to write it in my little momma journal so that no matter if I didn’t have my camera, I have it written down and in my heart to hold.

Four. This one goes back to letting it out. Since I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression, my doctor told me to go exercise, get out, be me…yada yada. Yeah it has helped, but I tell you what, this has definitely been a relaxation method. I totally relax when I write in my momma journal. I sip on some sleepytime tea, throw on some lavender oil and write until I don’t feel like writing anymore. Takes all my anxiety and worry away, which believe me…I’m a big fat worry wart. (Aren’t we all as mommas though?)

So if you don’t have one, I highly recommend going to the store, picking up a journal. It doesn’t have to be an actual mother journal. You can just simply buy a plain jane journal. I got mine on clearance, that’s why I chose to go the fancy route, or I would’ve gotten a plain one and started that way. I like this idea much much better than the email idea I have seen. I think people forget a lot of time, some email programs automatically trash after two years or so. I know this because I’m one of those “I’m too lazy to hit the delete button” email users and then I’ll go back and notice two years ago emails were deleted.

Now that I have been MIA for so long, I decided to give y’all a line up of my future blog post this week to keep me on task:



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