Why am I still awake?

I constantly find myself saying, why am I still awake? Everyone else in my house is snoring, even the dog, and I’m awake. I think I figured it out. Being a stay at home mom, I find myself with little adult interaction and a lot of diaper changing, feeding, nursing, playing, dressing up, attending to children’s every needs, so to be able to sit here and blog, or lay in bed and watch my recorded fav tv shows is like a visit to the hot tub or a tall glass of wine. So what do I do? I fight my sleep to eat chips without having to share or m&ms that I told my kids they couldn’t have, but couldn’t eat in front of them. Oh the mom life!

How about you mommas? What is your indulgence? Do you stay up late? Or are you an early bird who gets up way earlier than the kids to relax?


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