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So news, every week, I am going to feature at least one WAHM that I have came across and used their products. Being a momma myself, I want to promote the small businesses and give you the scoop.

I want to start this week off with Cheeky Pandas. Where are all my cloth diapering, or nursing mamas at? You’ll want to read about this amazing WAHM if you are. Owned by Melissa Poole, Cheeky Pandas sells amazing hybrid fitteds, nursing pads, and even maxaloones. (We all know I love maxaloones:)) So far, I have purchased two cheeky panda dipes from Melissa, and three sets of nursing pads.

Let me start off by saying, that Gracie is my heavywetter. Henry not so much. With Grace, I’ve tried diaper after diaper, and our Cheekys our amazing. Normally a diaper would last maybe 2 hours. With a Cheeky, we can get a good 4 hours. I was shocked the first time I put it on her. I was amazed. With Henry, I also love the Cheekys because although he’s my chunky butt, he’s super skinny in the thighs, so he usually has some leg room by the elastics. The Cheekys are well tailored. The fit him perfect, as well as Grace who is more chunky in the thighs. These hybrids last longer because Melissa uses windpro fleece and five layers of hemp fleece, plus you get a 3 layer hemp booster! 8 layers of hemp! Whhatttt! I love it. So lots of positives right? I honestly don’t have any negatives to say about my Cheeky Panda dipes. The only downfall I could throw out is that they are hot items. You have to pounce on them because everyone wants one. Trust me, I’d have more than two if I could get my hands on more. I guess though in a way, it is like a thrill when you get one! Price range varies on diapers. Most are between 32-35 bucks, and totally a great investment.

Now nursing pads… hands down, Cheeky nursing pads are my absolute favorite. Better than any disposable, or reusable pad EVER. No joke. My supply is pretty amazing. So when I’m away from little Henry, I’m always worried I’ll leak through my shirt, or even worse, my nursing pads will stick to my boobs. Ow, yeah I hate that. Not with Cheeky Panda nursing pads though. The nursing pads are backed with windpro, and feature amazing fabrics on front. Although I only own three pairs at this time, I will definitely trying to get my hands on more. These vary in price, I think I paid $3 a pair for mine plus shipping. Which is a great deal especially when you can reuse them:)

If you’re interested in checking out Cheeky Pandas, you can head on over to the Facebook Buy Sell Trade Page, where you can find mini groups posted, more info, and awesome mommas. Note, you have to request to join.

Cheeky Pandas also has a hyenacart page, but only uses it for stockings, which any stocking info would be found on the fb group.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to hop back on here to blog some more. I got some mom stories, and more featured products.


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