Life of a mom.

Today was hectic. I’m oober tired and I’m honestly surprised I’m still up! I woke up and successfully dressed myself and all three children. My husband was coming off night shift so he was able to drop Layla off at school for me.  Then he came home, and I got to take a 15 minute shower. Seriously, I was clean within 5 of those minutes since I’m use to speed shower mode with my littles, but I was so thrilled to just stand there in the quiet. I couldn’t believe that some people actually get to take showers that long. It was wonderful! Then, of course, Gavin had to sleep or he’d turn into a vicious zombie, so I took the kids to the library and grocery store. Yes, the grocery store. What was I thinking?! I wore Henry in the Beco and Grace held my hand because as soon as I got out of the van, got both kids, and made it to the shopping cart center, I realized I didn’t have a quarter and no one near me did either! So it was either I sat there in the rain with two kids for someone with a quarter or I sucked it up and went in and limited my purchases and carried it all in a box. So, I carried it all in a box. Well that was dumb! What was I thinking?! But don’t worry we survived! Anyways, I guess this is just a rant post. Have you ever had just an exhausting day and all you want to do is lay in bed and indulge in TV and food? Please share with us!


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