Pick a hobby and stick with it.

Hey all!

SOOOO, I know I’ve been totally hibernating. Between painful kidneys and three children, I’m exhausted. I need to boost my iron with some broccoli and spinach and some kale. I haven’t been buying as much lately and my body can totally tell.

If you are following on my facebook page, you may have seen that I asked you all what you would like to see our blog talk about. Please feel free to leave some feedback on the blog or the blog fb page. If you are not a follower, in the right corner of the blog, you should see a facebook link with a like button. All you have to do is click that button, and VIOLA!

So tonight, I decided to write about hobbies. So many times, more than often, us mommas or even dads are so focused on our children, we often forget about ourselves. We are beings, thus, we also need to enjoy the world and have fun. No, no, no I don’t mean boozing it up. When I became a stay at home mom, I quickly learned that I needed to do something for me. Something that took away stress and boosted my confidence. So my hobby became crocheting, then blogging, the cloth diapering, then babywearing, then sewing. So one hobby turned into five. Totally crazy right? But I love it! Taking that extra hour out of your day before bedtime or before you wake the kiddos, can be totally relaxing and rejuvenating. How can cloth diapering be a hobby? Um, I’m OBSESSED with WAHM diapers. Don’t tell my husband that I buy so many hahaha just kidding he knows. Some of my favs are Cheeky Pandas, Doodle Dypes, Little Fancy Pants, and Little Boppers. If you are new to cd, and want to find some awesome diapers, I suggest checking out hyenacart! It is an amazing site that work at home moms use.

Share with us, what is your hobby? What is something that helps you collect your thoughts and enjoy some time to yourself?

Next blog: Maxaloones. What are they? Why are the so amazing? and Where can you buy them?!


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