New Year’s Resolution

Everyone has a new years resolution. I mean everyone. I didn’t say that everyone takes it seriously, but people have some thought in their head how they are going to better their year from the last. For all you nay sayers shaking your head right now, stop lying! I am one of you, therefore, I know you’re lying! Mine this year happens to be a few things. First, a better communicator. Yeah I totally suck at communication. I’m a total loner. I don’t mind being by myself. For example, if I get a babysitter, I don’t go out. I sit at home or I clean, or I shop because every woman loves to shop. And yes I have friends, I just don’t know why I’m such a lazy loner lady. Plus, I hate makeup and yes, I know hate is a strong word. I hate it. BLAHHHHHH. All my girlfriends want to get dolled up and go out, and I’m like only if we can get chinese and binge eat while watching Once Upon a Time. So I decided this year, I need to stop my loner habits and get my ass into gear. Communicate more with my friends, and my hubby. We need a date night. I mean it’s been like 546874687 years. Yeah, that number is a little off…it is more like 9878785555644 years. Yep, that looks better. And ladies, I know some of you feel my pain on this one. By the time you finally get a babysitter you’re so exhausted you’re like hey lets….drool on the pillow. You’re out cold. Fighting sleep after taking care of three kids all day is like trying to fight Muhammad Ali. Impossibleeeeee win.

So my next resolution is to be more organized/clean…you know whatever you wanna call it. This is a goal of mine every year, and every year I lose this battle. This year I am going to kick its ass. I don’t know about you, but I’m super jelly of those moms’ houses you walk into and they are pin drop clean. Like what in the world?! Do you have some kind of magic that I don’t know about? Always the first question that enters into my mind. Then I think, if you do you should give me some. Now this is the part where I get super realistic. It’s impossible with three kids to be organized. I mean I am semi organized, on my good days anyways, but my kids are tornadoes. One room clean, go to the next, you come back and BAM! It’s Twister. Furthermore, I am totally blanking where I read an amazing article written by another fellow bloggin mama about how important it is to be with your kids rather than cleaning. That mama is so right! If there’s one thing I learned from motherhood above all is that time is so precious. They are only little for so long. One day I’m giving birth, the next day my oldest is in second grade. Time flies, and I don’t want to miss those sweet, sweet moments. SOOOOOO…we will see how well I kick this goal’s butt. Anyways, I got to run. I got lunches to pack and laundry to do. Never ever ever ever endinggggg laundryyyyyy.

Please share your new years resolutions with us!

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