Moms Unite

Okay, so it’s been a while since I blogged. Again, slacking…or more like my kid threw up two days ago, and then the last two days I’ve been slacking…or catching up laundry. Plus, holidays are crazy right?

So I decided to call this post Moms Unite. Sounds cheesy right? But it’s totally not. I was just thinking the other day how important it is that we support WAHM businesses. What is a WAHM? Work At Home Momma. Why is it important to support these businesses? Well, let’s face it, we are all moms. We all want to contribute to our families, and sometimes mommas do that by working from home by creating amazing things. My newest addiction…WAHM dipes. I’m OBSESSED. Ask my husband. I sneak buying WAHM made Ai2 cloth dipes. Why? Honestly, they have been the most absorbent, well stitched dipes I have gotten so far. Okay, so they can be pretty pricey, but they definitely hold up. Can’t afford them? It’s okay, I buy most of mine used. Just strip, bleach, wash and viola! Like new…..

Etsy is a wonderful source for finding WAHM businesses as well as hyenacart. So with that being said, I decided to start featuring cool momma businesses that create awesome products for mommas, babies, and families.

Our very first feature is Enzo’s Baby Bowtie Boutique. Melissa, is a stay at home momma, who creates some awesome products which include burp cloths which can be for a boy or girl or even some super cute sports themed ones, cloth tutus, nursing scarves, birthday onesies and even super cute baby wraps. Pricing varies depending on the product. I will say her baby wraps are a steal at $30! To find at  more, click on over to and start shopping:) Have a question? Comment below, or send Melissa a question on the shop’s FB page!


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