Wife of a Firefighter/Paramedic

Yes, I know. I have totally slacked off in the blogging department this week. For some reason, it seems like every time I go to sit at the computer at nap time, nap time ends. Sometimes, I’ll say I’ll wait until bedtime, but by the time it’s bedtime I’m slobbering on my pillow. (I know, such a pretty visual.) And while I’m slobbering in a nice slumber, my husband is out working almost every night. I decided to write about the life of being married to a firefighter/paramedic because let’s face it ladies, we all complain and nag our husbands sometimes, but it’s always good to take a step back and look how much they truly do and why you love them oh so much.

So, most of the time, I’m mom and dad. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is super dad. Legit. No joking. He will change blowout diapers, let me sleep in on Sundays, make me coffee without asking,play princesses… I mean I could go on and on. So while I am alone most of the time taking care of the kids, my husband is out making the bacon to pay those bills. Uncle Sam needs his money baby. My husband went into work today at 3am. He got off at 7pm, got home about 730pm if you include his drive. Now, he is on call for his other job…which just got 3 calls one after another. He went to a call, came back, went to another call, came back and now he’s on the third. When they are done with the call, they aren’t done. They have to write a report for each emergency call they went on. Yes, it has to be completely detailed. So that adds another two hours maybe. Mind you, that’s if he doesn’t get another call while he is writing those reports. Crazy right? Oh, and yesterday he worked til 7 too, so actually…I’m over here like I’m married?

Firefighters and Paramedics give a lot of their time to the public. Yes, it’s a commitment they know they are making when they sign up, but I think people often forget how much time they sacrifice with their family, to help yours. All while getting paid a not so pretty penny. But, I tell you what…being married to a fireman has taught me a ton of things about life.

First, it has taught me how important time truly is. Time with your family is delicate. Treasure your time and moments you have because time goes faster than we truly know. I never used to stop and think. I was always on the go constantly trying to get things done, but then I realized laundry will always be there, dishes too, but watching your children grow, or spending time with the hubs is something that is of much greater value.

Second, I have learn where my place with God is. If you are not religious, I am not trying to force anything on you. Honestly, I was never a truly religious person until I got married. When we were married, I realized that marriage is not only a commitment to each other, but also to God. God is there to guide you both, he is there to give you strength when you need it or you need it for your loved one. He can teach you more and more about not only yourself but each other as you move through your marriage. Also, I have reached out to God. God is good, and I know that he watches over my husband as he ventures out on calls and goes hours with little to no sleep. It gives me some peace of mind, although its hard to sleep when you know your hubs is out somewhere saving lives or fighting a fire.

Third, I’ve learned that as tired as I may be, he’s probably ten times more tired. Yes, I will complain and nag about how I chased children all day and changed more diapers than China has rice, but I’ve learned to step back and think about what he did all day. Being puked on, pooped on, seeing horrific things I could never stomach. It makes me appreciate him that much more. So when he’s a Grinch, I totally know not to get worked up.

Fourth, being organized. Listen, it’s pretty damn near impossible to  be organized when you’re married to a medic. People expect you to know if you can fit in an event on a certain. Well guess what? Don’t ask me until the week of. My husband works three jobs. Almost always on call if he even is home. We can’t really plan things in advance because you just never know. We do however, make sure he writes out his schedule on a calendar so that I have some idea of when I will have help with school drop off and pickup and such. But next time you ask one of your lady friends who is married to a public safety man, don’t expect her to give you an answer right away because I guarantee, she probably won’t really know for sure.

So, I guess this post is just a little bit of what it can be like being married to a Paramedic. I just wanted to share because maybe you can also relate. Does your husband work crazy  hours? Does he serve public safety and risk his life? Do you take the time to step back and appreciate him even after your hectic day?


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