Tis the Season

Hey all! I know I totally missed a day of blogging. This mommy needed to catch up on some much needed sleep. I fell asleep so early last night, there’s no way a blog entry was happening. We had more Thanksgiving festivities yesterday, and it must have tired this mama out.

Anyways, Thanksgiving has past, and now I’m starting to see Christmas trees out, people shopping for presents, and even elves on the shelves. My mother happened to buy an elf on the shelf for my niece…Well, my seven year old saw it, and she about cried because our elf hadn’t come yet. I usually wait to December 1st, but I ended up putting her out today. My daughter woke up very happy. She was a little heartbroken yesterday, maybe even doubted Santa a little, but I replied with “Santa has a lot of elves to deliver to all the children to watch over them. I’m sure he can’t deliver all the elves in one day, and that our elf will be here sometime this week…it’s a week long process you see.” I think I convinced her. She has been questioning Santa a little here and there, although she is very excited and talks to our elf a lot. I guess it’s the age…She’s getting too smart, asking questions like “you bought my elf in the store” and so on…so my question is how many of you mamas have had an instance of your child questioning Santa, or the Easter bunny, etc?



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