First post

First post. Kind of a big deal, right? I think so. It’s what determines your very first impression of my writing, my blog, what I’m trying to do with this blog. Honestly, I’m not too sure exactly what this blog is all about; however, I have a vague idea. What I do know is that I love to write. English was always one of my favorite, if not, most favorite subjects. In college, I used to take English classes just for the fun of it once I met my prerequisites. While English is something I love very much, the thing I love most is my children and being their mother. So why not combined the two? Motherhood and blogging. All of us mothers need that “me” time that we so desire. Most of us get excited when we are able to run up to Target and browse the aisles alone, or it’s one of those nights you watch the clock for bedtime, just so that you can lay in bed and enjoy a glass of tea. I guess blogging can be that too. With that being said, I hope that this blog can be an escape  for all you mothers out there, like roaming the Target aisles, or being able to relate to another mother. Maybe even wanting some feedback on a product you’ve been dying to try, but not sure it lives up to the buzz about it. Whateverr it may be, I know that through a mother’s eyes, we see the world a little differently.


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